Jim Leishman Arts

A Shaping of Awareness

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Jim Leishman Arts

Confirmation Wood, Stone, and Bone

"Confirmation" Is certainly a highlight of the "Shaping of Awareness" exploration. To appreciate this image,... the story must unfold.click on "read more"below...to see a couple of images.

"The Trailer Gallery"

"A Shaping of Awareness" just took place in a new venue...Fortunately it was a sunny day...

From Birth

Use reason
Be practical
Be sensible
Be normal
I nourished reason
Yet felt unfulfilled
Piece by piece
I constructed
My reality

Reason, An Incredible Tool

Reason, an incredible tool,  if gripped too tightly may inhibit engagement with the intuitive and other realms of the creative.

Gaining insight into the mind of an artist

( Newspaper article somewhat condensed for subject brevity- JL)
By Alistair Taylor - Campbell River Mirror
Published: March 03, 2011
I attended the Community Centre’s 10th anniversary celebration last Friday and was treated to one of the most fascinating artist’s talks I’ve ever taken in.

Campbell River Shapes Awareness

The "Invisibles" quietly absorbed the experience,

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